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This forum is for the wives, girlfriends and fiances of any individual stationed at Barksdale AFB, LA.
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 Board rules/Guidelines

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Board rules/Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Board rules/Guidelines   Board rules/Guidelines Icon_minitimeTue Nov 07, 2006 8:48 am

1) First and foremost, please read OPSEC guidelines. They are extremely important. Posts we feel have violated OPSEC will either be removed or edited by Admin.
2) Please be open minded about sensitive issues. We're not a debate board, but open discussion is allowed here and people are allowed to share their opinion as long as they are not putting down or demeaning others.
3) This board WILL remain a "Drama Free Zone". Do not attack or harrass other members. Any problems with someone or something, come to an Admin (Samantha or Steph or Laura) and we will handle it ASAP.
4) If you are PCS'ing here, or are PCS'ing from here to another base but would still like to remain on the board, you are more than welcome to stay. However, if you are separating from the military entirely then we ask that you please remove yourself from the board. This is to avoid conflicts with OPSEC.
5) If you make a post that is a little adult oriented (bad language or an adult joke), please put in the subject line "AC or Adult Content" to warn other members who might have a child reading over their shoulder.
6) And of course, HAVE FUN and make some lasting friendships!!

These guidelines can change at anytime we see fit, please check back occasionally to see if they have.

If for any reason, you feel you won't be able to adhere to any of these, please leave the board now. We will remove anybody at anytime if we feel they are a disruption to the board. .

Thanks for reading.
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Board rules/Guidelines
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